Circle 5 Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds
Teegan and Attaboy Babies
         DOB 11-15-10
What a perfect way to spend that                  Christmas money!
JESSE JAMES is a cute red tri male with a nice white blaze, white toes and a chest and if you look really hard you can see two little white spots on the back of his neck. His grandsire has his champion and his daddy is headed to the show ring this spring. Don't miss out! This is one laid back boy he is the sweetest pup ever he has a lot  of play but is not hyper at all very nice pup! My kids are begging to keep him.  Jesse got a new home! Thanks Brittney! You Rock!!!!!
WYATT EARP is a black tri male has a white chest, white toes, nice blaze he even has the two white spots on his back. He is red factored! This guy has some amazing copper that is already showing. This pup has turned into a beautiful little man his coat is coming in nicely! Just like his dad Wyatt is a very laid back pup but has lots of play. Super nice pup! SOLD Thanks Corrie she bought this amazing pup for her son Grayson. Glad to know he is going to a wonderful home!
CATTLE KATE is a beautiful red merle female she has a partial collar, nice blaze, white socks, and a white chest. She has wonderful dark accents. This pup is going to be a real looker! SOLD to Jake & Kolbe in Texas!